What do we stand for?

Creating, managing and lending an identity to brands has a magical quality about it. Particularly when the designers and brand consultants put heart and soul into their work and devote themselves to each new task with a passion. SOLUTIONS stands for the perfect combination of brand strategy and design – one that captivates and takes you by surprise with its astute and sharp-witted focus on the overall picture.

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Beer has been a staple in people’s diet for more than 2000 years, not only because they enjoy the taste but also because they associate it with a certain lifestyle. Nowadays, this joie de vivre is largely determined by the respective image portrayed by a beer’s brand. Apart from classic advertising, the packaging itself is also used to convey the brand image. After all, the customer makes his ultimate purchase decision at the shelf, or what has become known as the point of sale.

Our task:
Anheuser-Busch InBev decided that in future the Beck’s brand would rest on two pillars: its range of full-bodied beer characters on the one hand and its beer-based mixed beverages on the other – both of which address different target groups, requiring each to be differentiated visually. This was the task facing SOLUTIONS.

Our approach:
Having provided Beck’s Gold with a more masculine appearance, SOLUTIONS was challenged with providing a clearly distinguished design for the company’s beer mixed drinks without, however, losing sight of Beck’s specific identity. The goal was to explicitly preserve brand management while providing an utterly distinct look so as to address varying target groups and a variety of occasions.

SOLUTIONS was not only responsible for adapting the design to the respective packaging for six-packs, LogiPacks and cans but also for providing an attractive facelift for the innovations in the mix segment.

Anheuser-Busch InBev has been a client of SOLUTIONS since 2005. This is primarily due to our close cooperation, which has already generated the success of other brands such as Haake-Beck and Löwenbräu, for example. In the case of Beck’s, our concerted efforts ensured that the design relaunch was perfectly integrated into the overall campaign.

The result:
Is impressive, as it led to a significant sales increase in Beck’s products. Only then can we be truly satisfied.



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