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You have a sore throat? 50 per cent of all consumers will go to their local chemist’s to find an effective treatment – and the emphasis here is on a healing effect. These sufferers want to alleviate the pain quickly. The other half will go to the confectionery aisle to find a “treatment” for their sore throat. The question here is whether people are seeking to sooth their guilty conscience or hoping to conceal their careless behaviour? Be that as it may. How do you design packaging for a product that for some constitutes a “throat drop” and for others an effective medicinal product? In addition to that, the new packaging is supposed to unite three existing brands and guarantee high recognition.

Our task:
Providing a globally uniform appearance for the three independent pharmaceutical brands Lysopaine, Lizipaina and Mucoangin; one that promises a healing effect and signals “throat drop”.

Our approach:
Stylish, appealing, technically skilled.

This project had us delving into the finer details. In order to place greater emphasis on the branding, we rotated the packaging from a vertical to a horizontal format, for example. Then we modernised the silhouette and defined the coloured nuances in the healing circle. We were also on hand when it came to aligning the various shades of yellow and the “acceptance values” for the white portions of the packaging with the various printers in different countries. Only by doing so could we successfully reconcile the effective healing claim with the soothing “candy” sensation. Combining the zest and lightheartedness of “throat drops” with the qualities of a medicine required intense fine-tuning.

The result:
A successful relaunch for all three brands, which now form a single unit around the world.



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