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Each industry has its own requirements regarding brand development and brand management. Building on the core brand, it is becoming increasingly crucial to develop an optimal position within the competitive marketplace. A long-lasting successful brand should not, however, only be developed externally – no matter how well consultants and designers do their job. By coming to a joint understanding of the internal and external perception of your brand, your values and your opinions, SOLUTIONS collaborates with you in finding customised ideas that will benefit your brand and your company.


packaging design

At the point of sale, the success of a product is determined in only a few critical seconds. When a customer reaches for a certain product, it is often the result of a very emotional decision. And nothing represents a product better on the retail shelf than intelligent, appealing packaging design and a strong brand. The team at SOLUTIONS works together with you in developing efficient and goal-oriented designs that result in a stronger market position.



The ideal brand name is the deciding factor. It creates singularity, enables identification and establishes understanding as well as building long-lasting trust.   Brand development is a decisive step as it cements ties with the customer and constitutes the association with an unmistakable and positive personality. The brand name connects your product world with the wishes and requirements of the customer. In addition to offering advice on product range and marketing analysis, we also provide you with a comprehensive brand audit.